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Shipping tradition, attitude to evolution, solid partnerships.

These are all qualities that make AMT Shipping Agency a benchmark in the city of Naples. AMT Shipping Agency shipping agency was born from corporate evolution of two historical families operating in the shipping industry for over 50 years.

Along an enterprising route and surrounded by a relentless spirit of the helmsman, AMT has developed itself on the major ports of the Mediterranean Area, offering extensive organization through its offices and / or sub agencies.

To understand, preparation is vital to the success of any cruise ship port call. Time and resources are invested in assisting itinerary specialists and marine managers to plan optimum solutions for berthing and in-port operations.
AMT is your ultimate solution in comprehensive onshore handling requirements - prompt, complete, effortless and cost effective. We are geared up for every need, for any kind of vessel. Our comprehensive services are: cruises, bulk carrier, general cargo, oil tanker, lpg carrier, ro-ro and off shore vessel.

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The container business is the focus of the AMT Shipping Agency with a capillary sales network which covers the whole market of southern Italy, able to acquire load wherever required, thanks to a motivated and responsive staff dedicated to finding new customers.


50 years of experience and a mixture of innovation, skills and an aptitude to perfection allowed us to handle every need and all kinds of ships, including crude oil and chemical tankers and LPG carrier, bulk carrier, general cargo, oil tanker, container ships and off-shore vessels.

Our excellent knowledge of the loading / unloading systems combined with our excellent relationship with the local authorities, drivers and other service providers ensure us a safe and smooth handling of ships.


The Bay, framed by Mount Vesuvius, the city with its suburbs, the delicious flavors and radiance of the people are always the attractiveness of the territory that make of Naples a destination very appreciated.

The AMT Shipping Agency has been recognized for many years as a real reference point for landing enchanting Neapolitan view.

Our expertise includes the management of every aspect of the ship in the port at arrival and departure passing for disembarkation /embarkation and crew / passengers assistance, shore excursions, relationships with the local authorities: definitively, we cover a range of services that go to ensure every disparate needs.

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